Available Units

Unit For Sale - $265,000

2 Bed 2 Bath, 3046855425

Unit For Rent - $1,225 monthly

1 Bed 1 Bath, 484-515-7670

Unit For Rent - $1,225 monthly

1 Bed 1 Bath, 3043128956

Unit For Rent - $2,400 monthly

4 Bed 3.5 Bath, 3043761192

Unit For Rent - $2,400 monthly

4 Bed 3.5 Bath, 3043761192

Unit For Rent - $2,500 monthly

4 Bed 3.5 Bath, 3049063225

Unit For Sale - $404,900

3 Bed 3.5 Bath, 260-918-3218
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The information on this page is intended for individuals and professionals who are involved with selling, buying, and/or renting condos or townhouses at Suncrest Village.

Prospective Buyers-Sellers-Tenants

All units at Suncrest Village are individually owned. Please use the contact information provided in advertisements that are displayed on our website and for all properties found on, or other websites, etc. Our office does not handle property sales or leasing at Suncrest Village.

Suncrest Village homeowners, realtors, and property managers may advertise their units for rent or sell on our website by submitting information here. The cost for advertisements is currently $25 USD for three months. Please contact our office for payment arrangements.

Realtors, Closing Attorneys, Selling or Buying Homeowners, and Property Managers

  • Resale Certificates: Owners (or their attorneys) who are selling property at Suncrest Village must contact us at least a week in advance of the real estate closing to request a Resale Certificate. Important financial information is included in the certificate that is beneficial to sellers and buyers. If we are given proper notice, we will prepare the documents to be executed at the closing.
  • Transfer Fees: First-time homeowners at Suncrest Village are required to pay a Transfer Fee. Details about our Transfer Fees may be found in the Community Declarations of the applicable HOA (either our Condominium or Townhome Association).
  • Items that Convey to New Owners: All gate access devices, keys, pool passes, and wristbands convey with the units at Suncrest Village. Current owners are responsible for transferring these items to new owners. Failure to do so will result in the new unit owner having to purchase items that range from $5-$50 each. We will be glad to identify the inventoried items with you prior to selling or buying a unit. Click here for a list of items that are to be conveyed and contact us for an inventory of specific items. For our inventory purposes, it is important for us to know if these items are not transferred to new owners.
  • Registration New Owners/Tenants: New homeowners and/or tenants are required to register at our office (in person) during regular office hours within 24 hours of move-in. However, to better facilitate their relocation, new owners and tenants should contact us in advance of moving in so we may make necessary arrangements for the gates to be opened, condo elevators padded, etc. Additional details for Landlords and Property Managers may be found here.
  • Open House Events: If you are hosting an Open House at Suncrest Village, please contact our office to schedule the date and time for our entrance gates to be open and to learn where event signs may be placed. We should hear from you at least two weeks before your event and before you have signs printed. There are limitations on the quantity, types, and placement of signs in our community.

Thanks for all you do to help us make Suncrest Village Morgantown’s most desirable residential community!

Suncrest Village Community Map

Need help getting around our community? Click on the image to view, download or print our way-finder map.