Take a Book – Leave a Book Program

We are thankful for the input of our homeowners who requested this community-oriented and enriching program for residents of all ages at Suncrest Village.

The Suncrest Village Library is located in the Internet Lounge at our clubhouse. Residents may access the Library from inside the clubhouse Monday – Friday during our regular office hours, or by using the key to the Business Center’s exterior door after hours, 24 hours -7 days a week. 

To help us maintain this community program at Suncrest Village, please follow a few basic rules:

  • Only take one or two books per person.
  • If you are able, please leave a book(s) so others may enjoy the community library.
  • Please be sure that all books are wiped down/sanitized prior to putting them on the shelf.
  • Please help us take care of our library and the books by acting responsibly.
  • This is a free service. No books should be sold for any reason.

Please be aware that the HOA management reserves the right to remove any books that are not appropriate for our community. Unless we know who donated the book(s), books with inappropriate content and graphics may be thrown out.

Please keep us informed if you have additional ideas or find something amiss. Thanks and happy reading!