General Info

Community Services, Policies and Important Reminders for Residents

Periodically, we send reminders about our community policies, bylaws, and our covenants and restrictions to residents and homeowners. If you are an owner, you should be receiving our messages via email. If you are a tenant, you should receive our notices from your landlord.

HOA Office Hours

  • 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday
  • Noon – 4pm, Saturday (mail pick-up only) *See note below about mail pick-up hours.

Note: We may adjust our regular hours – especially around the holidays. Such adjustments will be announced via email, newsletters, on the app and/or posted on the front door of the Clubhouse. Our offices are always closed on these holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Mail Services at Suncrest Village

Suncrest Village Mail Center

SV Mail Center

Mail boxes for each unit (condos and townhouses) at Suncrest Village are located in the Mail Center building. If packages will not fit in the mail box, the USPS carrier will deliver the package to our Clubhouse office. To pick up a package, residents must be registered with our office. Photo ID may be required. Contact our office to make other arrangements or to inform us of someone picking up packages on your behalf. If a package requires a signature, you must notify us in advance or we will not be permitted to sign. Please note, all UPS, FedEx and DHL packages will go directly to your door. *Our hours for picking up packages may change for various reasons. Please watch for updates via email, newsletters, and on our app.

Trash Services (Compactor-Refuse Area) at Suncrest Village

SV Refuse Area

The community trash compactor is located at the Mail Center building – under the “Refuse” sign. To access the compactor, follow the sidewalk to the left of the mailboxes. Compactor Operating Instructions: 1) open the compactor door, 2) insert trash, 3) close the door, and 4) press the black button on the wall to the left of the door to compact your trash.  For additional information, rules and warnings, click here. Rules and Regulations: Trash must be placed in the compactor. Furniture is not permitted in the compactor. NOTHING is allowed to be 1) left outside of the compactor, 2) stored in the condo building hallways or, 3)  outside of the townhomes, 4) or anywhere else in our community! Transfer Schedule: Every nine-ten days, the compactor’s dumpster is removed from our Refuse Area garage, emptied at the city dump, and returned to Suncrest Village. Typically, this routine transfer occurs in the morning and takes an hour or two. However, the time is never guaranteed nor controlled by our HOA Office. Residents may prevent garbage from piling up on the sidewalk at the Refuse Area during the transfer by choosing another day and/or time to use the compactor. Click here to view the current schedule. Violations and Fines: There are video cameras throughout the community and around the Refuse Area. Individuals caught violating our Rules and Regulations will be fined. Attention landlords: you may be subject to fines if your tenants violate our rules and regulations, too. Residents: if you see someone violating our community rules, please contact us with a time and date and description of the incident. Thank you.

Disposal of Furniture, and Large Items


Currently, recycling is not available at Suncrest Village. Follow this link to learn about recycling options provided by the Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority’s (MCSWA). “Haul Away”, a private company, is now offering curbside recycling services in the area. Call or text the company for more information at 304-657-5644 or find them on Facebook @morgantownhaulaway. Note: the Suncrest Village Homeowners Associations do not endorse these or any services offered by external vendors.

Replacement Keys/Gate Devices/Pool Bands

To purchase gate access devices, pool/gym keys, pool bands, and pool passes, please contact our office between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. If you are a tenant, your landlord must make arrangements with us for purchasing these items. Effective 10/19/2021, the Suncrest Village Condominium Association’s Board of Directors has approved the following prices for Suncrest Village access items:

    • Gate – window button (FOB): $50.00
    • Gate – access card: $20.00
    • Pool pass: $25.00
    • Pool band: $10.00
    • Pool/Gym key: $5.00

Mailbox Keys

Mail box keys are the responsibility of property owners and/or their property managers at Suncrest Village. Replacement keys must be purchased from the USPS office on High Street.

Additional Information

Are you moving to or from Suncrest Village? Are your guests, ride share or food delivery services having trouble using our gate? Are you a property manager at Suncrest Village and need to register new residents? Find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions here.