Frequently Asked Questions at Suncrest Village

With 800 plus residents in our community, our goal is to constantly improve what we do and how we do it! To accomplish our goal, we rely on your questions and feedback. Below are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about living at Suncrest Village (SV). If you have a question that’s not covered below, please contact us. Your question may be helpful to others.

Owners and residents who do not follow our governing documents, community rules, regulations, and policies may be subject to fines. Governing documents and other important information for townhomes can be found here and here for condos.

1. How do my guests or service providers enter the gate when it is closed?

There are two lanes entering the community. Guests and/or Service Providers must 1) enter our property in the left lane, 2) use the guest access panel (computer monitor) at the main entrance to search for you by first and last name and/or your unit number, and 3) follow the computer-narrated instructions. You will receive a call from 304-598-5815. Once you answer the call, you have 90 seconds to determine if you want to grant access to the visitor. If so, press 9 on your phone. Residents should not automatically press 9 when they are called from the gate! If visitors or delivery persons can’t find your name, or if the gate does not open after you have pressed 9 on your phone, tell your guest to press the “Call Office” button on the main screen for assistance. If the latter is relevant, please contact our office during our regular hours to let us know the call relay is not working with your phone.

For Delivery Services/Ride Share Apps: when you (the resident) are using an app to order food or services, add the following information in the app’s “special delivery instructions” field so drivers may gain entry: 1) enter the community in the left lane and go to the computer monitor on the stone column, 2) search for (INSERT YOUR Last and First Name) and 3) follow the narrated instructions to relay a call to the resident via the computer.

NOTE: residents with a Window Button/FOB must use the right lane when entering the community. Drive slow as both lanes merge just inside the entrance gates.

2. Are dogs or cats (“pets”) allowed at Suncrest Village?

Pets are permitted at Suncrest Village. Condo owners are allowed to have no more than two pets with a weight restriction of 35 pounds each. There is a mandatory dog fee of $120/year per dog for the Condo Association only. Currently, there are no weight restrictions for pets of townhome owners.  If you are leasing a unit at SV, your landlord may not allow pets. Best advice – ask before you sign a lease or get a pet, and contact our HOA Office for updated rules and policies.

2a. What are the community rules regarding pets and the consequences for not complying with the rules?

Suncrest Village Pet Rules: Pets must be on a leash when outdoors at all times. Pet owners are required to pick up after their pet(s) and properly dispose of all pet waste using the litter bags and the receptacles provided throughout our development. Failure to pick up after pets is unsightly, unsanitary and disrespectful to others in this development. Pets may not be permitted to “relieve themselves” in Suncrest Village building hallways, garages, decks, or the pool deck. Pet owners who violate our community rules and policies will be fined. Condo Only: a yearly fee of $120 ($10/month) per dog is due each year on January 1st. This dog fee was implemented in 2023 to help offset the carpet replacement expenses. For more information, please contact the office during normal business hours.

NOTE: The above-referenced dog leash rule at Suncrest Village is not only our community rule, it is a Monongalia County Ordinance (law). Pet owners also should be aware of additional responsibilities by the State of West Virginia concerning pets. Pet owners who violate the county and state laws, as well as our community rules, are subject to fines and may be subject to other penalties regarding proper pet registration (tags) and vaccinations, etc.

2b. What should I do if I see an unattended/unleashed dog outside?
  1. If it’s safe to do so, take a picture of the dog.
  2. Contact the Animal Control office of Monongalia County at (304) 291-7267 during the week or 9-1-1 on weekends.
    1. According to the Monongalia County Animal Control Department’s website: “A dog warden is on duty 24 hrs a day, 5 days a week, starting at 11:00 p.m. Sunday until 11:00 p.m. on Friday (except holidays). If you call the Canine Center during those hours and someone doesn’t answer, leave a message and we will be sure to return your call promptly.”
  3. Contact our office at 304-598-5815

Pet owners are hereby advised that Suncrest Village is not responsible for pets that may be impounded as a result of violating our community rules or county and/or state laws.

3. I am moving to Suncrest Village soon. Do I need to contact the main office? 

Yes, all owners and  residents are required to register at the main office during regular office hours within 48 hours (two business days) of moving in and/or closing. Residents moving into condo buildings with elevators must contact us in advance – at least three business days – of moving in so elevator pads may be installed.  Also, if you are moving in after 5pm or anytime over weekends, please contact our office to ensure you have access to the main gate before your arrival. NOTE: commercial moving vehicles may need BOTH entrance gates opened. The estimated width of one gate is 11.5 feet; both gates open allow for approximately 20 feet clearance. Call the office during regular office hours to make special arrangements.

Residents should be familiar with all governing documents and repeated reminders for the Suncrest Village Condominium Association and Suncrest Village Townhome Association.

4. I am leasing a condo or townhouse at Suncrest Village. Who do I call if I have a problem at my place?

For medical, fire or personal safety emergencies, call 9-1-1. For all other needs, call your landlord or your property management contact person. If something occurs that may affect property owned by others and the common areas in your building (water leaks, etc), please call our office at 304-599-5815 as well.

5. I own or manage rental units at Suncrest Village. What do I need to do?

Landlords must inform us when their tenants are moving in and out. If you own/manage a rental unit at SV, your tenants must register at our office within 48 hours (two business days) of moving in. Check our current hours and have your tenant(s) stop by the office to complete our paperwork. Explain to your tenant(s) how the gate system works and collect all gate devices, keys, pool passes and pool bands, etc, from your outgoing tenant(s) to give to your new tenant(s); otherwise, you will need to pay to replace the items. Follow this link for additional information for property managers.

6. I am a homeowner at Suncrest Village and wish to make changes to my home. Do I need pre-approval from the Suncrest Village Homeowners Association?

Yes, homeowners must contact our office for instructions in advance of making any exterior alterations to their property. We expect owners to review the governing documents for the Suncrest Village Condominium Association and/or the Suncrest Village Townhome Association.  All residents should review and follow the “Repeated Reminders” for both associations. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

7. Mail and Packages: How do I get mail and packages at SV? What do I do if I am leaving Suncrest Village?

Each unit (condos and townhomes) at SV is assigned a mail box at our “mail center”. Service is provided by the USPS.  If packages will not fit in the mail box, the USPS carrier will deliver the package to our Clubhouse office. To pick up a package (see mail pick-up hours), residents must be registered with our office. Photo ID may be required. Contact us for other options.

Mail Forwarding and Hold Mail – Important note about temporary absence or permanent relocation: When residents are leaving Suncrest Village for short or extended periods (2 weeks or more) or relocating elsewhere, they should contact the USPS to place a hold on mail delivery or complete a change of address before leaving. The Suncrest Village HOA Office is not responsible for USPS mail delivery and cannot hold mail or packages for extended periods of time. Individuals should directly contact the DMV, financial and student loan institutions, state and local tax offices, and former employers, etc, with change of address information.

8. Do I need to provide proof of my Homeowner’s Insurance to the HOA Office? 

Yes, owners are required to provide a current “Certificate of Insurance” or “Declaration” to either the Suncrest Village Condo Association or Suncrest Village Townhome Association office. We recommend that owners have their insurance agent add either Suncrest Village Condo Association or Suncrest Village Townhome Association (whichever is applicable) as an “Additional Interest” to their homeowner’s insurance policy. There should not be a cost to add us and the insurance company will automatically send a current copy of the Certificate of Insurance or Declaration to the attention of Holli Barr at: 1000 Suncrest Village, Morgantown, WV 26505 when the policy is renewed or updated. To send the document via email, please contact our office for the appropriate email address.

9. Which condominium buildings at Suncrest Village DO NOT have elevators?

Four of the 13 condominium buildings at Suncrest Village do not have elevators. Those buildings are: 1300, 2500, 2600, and 2700. HOA fees for buildings without elevators are less than those with an elevator.

10. Where is the trash compactor and how does it work?

The compactor is located at the “Refuse Area” next to the Mail Center. You will find the Operating Instructions and a Transfer Schedule here.

11. Someone is parked in my parking spot. Can I have them towed? 

If you have a need to have a car towed from Suncrest Village for any reason, please call our HOA office before contacting the towing service provider. All vehicles parked at Suncrest Village are required to be registered with our office. Vehicles that are not registered with our office are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense; however, if someone is parked in your parking spot, we may have the ability to contact the vehicle owner, thus saving you time and them money. Thank you.

12. Who do I contact if I have a non-emergency concern about wildlife on my property?

Residents who have concerns with roaming wildlife on or near their property should follow the “Wildlife Call Procedures” of the Monongalia County Animal Control.