The Suncrest Village trash compactor is located at the Refuse Area – to the left of the Mail Center. Only residents of Suncrest Village may use the compactor.

Operating Instructions

  1. Unlock and open the compactor door.
  2. Deposit your trash. NO FURNITURE or LARGE ITEMS!
  3. Close the compactor door.
  4. Push the black button on the operating panel to the left of the compactor.
  5. NOTE: If pushing the black button doesn’t automatically activate (start) the compactor, check to see if the “pink” emergency button is stuck. If it is, pull it out and push the black button again.

Operating Panel Buttons

  • Black button: Push to start the compactor  . . . to “compact” trash.
  • Solid orange light: the compactor is getting full, but trash still MAY be deposited and compacted.
  • Flashing orange light: the compactor is full and will not hold any trash. Please call the office at 304-598-5815.
  • Red/Pink: stops the compactor.

Transfer Schedule/Special Rules/Notes

  • Compactor Dumpster Transfer Schedule:  For scheduled dates, click here.
  • Do not leave any unwanted items on the ground, sidewalk, or roadway in the Refuse Area or anywhere in our community!
  • Do NOT place furniture in the compactor or leave it in the Refuse Area.
    • Follow this link to learn more about how to properly dispose of furniture and where to recycle in Monongalia County.


  • Security cameras are in use around the Refuse Area, Mail Center, and throughout our community.
  • Violators will be fined for not following the instructions and notes.
  • No one under the age of 18 may operate this compactor.
  • No one may enter the compactor!

Emergency Contacts

  • Medical or Fire Assistance: call 911
  • Operating problems or flashing orange light, call Suncrest Village HOA Office at 304-598-5815