Townhome Insurance

Proof of Homeowner’s Insurance

Townhome owners at Suncrest Village (SV) are members of the SV Townhome Homeowners Association (SVTA), a “Common Interest Community”. As members of the SVTA, owners are expected to comply with the bylaws, rules, and policies set forth in the Declaration of Common Interest Community, and by the Association’s Board of Directors, which has been designated to act on behalf of the Association. To review parts 1 and 2 of the Declaration of Common Interest Community on the SVTA main page, click here.

This “Questions and Answers” page is intended to assist homeowners in complying with the homeowners insurance requirements and providing proof of insurance to the Suncrest Village Homeowners Association (HOA) management office. For further information, see Section 16(w) of the Declaration.

1. Q & A. How much insurance should I carry?

The SVTA’s Declaration of Common Interest Community requires that every unit be insured against risk of loss including fire, casualty or other disaster for at least 100% of the replacement cost of the Unit and any improvements thereto.

2. Q & A. Why am I required to provide proof of my homeowners insurance to the Board of Directors?

To be in compliance with Section 16(w) of the Declaration, the SVTA Board of Directors requires every unit owner to provide proof of insurance to the Suncrest Village Homeowners Association Management Office.

3. Q & A. What is an acceptable form of proof?

We require an official proof of insurance document issued from the homeowner’s insurance company. Depending on the insurance company, the document may be called a “Certificate of Insurance” or “Declarations” or “Evidence of Insurance”. Photos of your documents, invoices, and/or paid statements will NOT be accepted.

4. Q & A. How do I provide proof of insurance?

There are several options for submitting your documentation:

  1. Send this information to your insurance agent and have them email the document to us. See the following “Recommendation” for further information.
  2. Drop off the document at the Suncrest Village HOA office (at the clubhouse) 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday.
  3. Insert the document in an envelope in the “drop box” on the front porch of the Suncrest Village HOA clubhouse.
  4. Mail the document to the:  Suncrest Village HOA, Attention: Mary Rose Giambrone, 1000 Suncrest Village, Morgantown WV 26505.
  5. Attach the document to an email and send to

Recommendation for Homeowners

Since we require a current proof of insurance on file each year, we recommend that homeowners have their insurance agent add the “Suncrest Village Townhome Association” as an “Additional or Other Interest” to their policy. By doing so, the insurance company should automatically send us a copy of the policy Declarations/Evidence of Insurance document whenever the policy renews or changes.

There should not be a cost to include us, but please confirm that with your agent, and ask if they will automatically send the documents to us. If they will not, you will be responsible for providing us with a renewal document each year.

Documents may be mailed to our USPS address or sent via email to