Townhouse Deck Extensions

Posted as approved August 18, 2021

Review Process for Townhouse Deck and Patio Modification Projects

  1. Owners must send a detailed design plan to the Suncrest Village Townhome Association’s (SVTA) Property Manager. Please call the office (304.598.5815) for the appropriate email address.
  2. The plan shall include material specifications, surface dimensions (length x width), support post heights & spacing, newel post heights & spacing, and footer dimensions (height, diameter) that meet requirements below.  An example can be provided upon request.
  3. The Building Control Committee (BCC) will review the plans within 30 days and make a recommendation (approve/reject) to the SVTA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will review the recommendation and provide the final decision back to the requestor via the Property Manager.
  4. Owners must receive a formal approval notification from the Property Manager before work on the project can begin.
  5. Owners should arrange for “Miss Utility WV” (304-345-3959) to visit their property to locate and identify all electrical lines on the property – especially around electrical boxes – before digging. Typically, this is a free service.

Design/Construction Requirements for Townhouse Deck Modification Projects

  1. No construction may occur past the rear of the current deck per section 7.2b of the Declaration of Common Interest Community. Side extensions must be set in at least eight (8) inches from the unit boundaries.
  2. Materials for the deck are to be of the same type/construction/profile of the existing deck. Any deviations need to be resubmitted, along with the reason for the deviation, to the BCC for approval.
  3. All support posts and newel posts shall be equally spaced.
  4. Railing materials (and gate if desired) are to be of the same white composite construction, style, and profile as existing railing. Any deviations need to be resubmitted, along with the reason for the deviation, to the BCC for approval.
  5. Ground penetration checks are to be conducted prior to any digging to map utility lines/danger zones. Unit owner acknowledges there are underground utilities in this area and the owner assumes all liability for removal/reconstruction if access is required.
  6. Raised decks and stairs (if any) must include a railing of the same construction as the existing deck rails, that also meets the International Residential Code (IRC).  See illustrations below for reference.  Owner must verify latest revision prior to submitting their plan.
  7. For ground level patios, fencing and walls are not permitted.
  8. No construction modifications may block emergency egress (rear door or basement window well) from the unit.  No modification shall block an exhaust vent.
  9. Unit owner shall provide a schedule of construction to the Property Manager to plan a post construction inspection. Inspection is to confirm adherence to the Association’s standards and not fitness/safety of the construction per section 11.14 of the Declaration of Common Interest Community. Unit owner is liable for all damages to unit and common area during or as a result of construction.