New Procedures and Hours for Clubhouse, Pool, Gym Access and Mail Pick-up

Effective Monday June 29, 2020; updated July 24, 2020*
  1. Enter through the front door only. All other entrances will be locked.
  2. Masks are REQUIRED. This is not optional. No mask, no entry.
  3. Social Distancing is a key factor. We will have six-foot spacers taped throughout that everyone will need to abide by while in the Clubhouse. We will be managing room capacity also. You could potentially be asked to wait outside until we finish checking in those in front of you.
  4. Access points: When entering the Clubhouse there will be three path options.
    1. Mail: enter the Clubhouse and go to the left. We will have barriers in place directing a certain path. Persons will come to the window and an office staff member will get the packages. The exit will continue to be through the Internet lounge.
    2. Pool And Gym: enter the Clubhouse and straight ahead will be the check-in table where on-goers will sign in and complete any other check-in requirements.
    3. New Residents/Owners: enter the Clubhouse and go to the right. Again, barriers will be in place directing the path. We will have the table set up with all necessary paperwork that needs completed and information packets to be obtained. Exit through the internet lounge.
  5. Since the Internet Lounge is our only exit point, the Internet Lounge is closed until further notice. You may not enter through that door for any reason.
    1. If you need anything printer you may call the office, we would be glad to assist you.
Operational Hours
  • Monday–Friday: 9am-6pm* (effective July 24, 2020)
  • Saturday: Noon-4pm
  • Daily:  11am-7pm* (11am open – effective July 27, 2020)
  • Monday–Friday 9am-7pm
  • Daily: Noon-7pm