Welcome to Suncrest Village Condominiums

General Information for New Condo Owners/Residents – Registration Package
As of September 2021

New owners and residents are required to register with the Suncrest Village HOA office upon move-in. Please call 304-598-5815, Monday-Friday, during regular office hours to schedule an appointment.

Regular office hours: (For special hours, see www.suncrestvillage.net/general-info)
• 9am-6pm, Monday – Friday
• Noon – 4pm, Saturday (for mail pick-up only)

Electric: To activate new service, contact Mon Power at 1-800-686-0022. Currently, the service is either listed under the name of the previous homeowner or resident. Have the electric put in your name on move-in day or at closing (for homeowners). The new service address is: Your name – Your unit # Suncrest Village – Morgantown, WV 26505.

Cable: to contact the local cable service provider, call Comcast at 1-800-391-3000 or visit comcast.com. Other service options are available; however, if you are considering satellite service and wish to have a dish installed, you must have written permission from the Suncrest Village HOA in advance.

Move-in/out: If you will be using an elevator during your move-in, it is important that you contact our office in advance of move-in (at least 48 hours, M-F) to allow our staff to install protective padding (cab pads) in the elevator. Contact our office for information regarding oversized delivery trucks.