Welcome New Condo Residents

General Information for New Condo Residents – As of March 2022

Welcome to Suncrest Village

New owners and residents are required to register with the Suncrest Village HOA office upon move-in. Please stop by the office during our regular office hours to complete the registration forms.

Regular office hours
  • 9am-6pm, Monday – Friday
  • Noon – 4pm, Saturday (for mail pick-up only)
  • For special hours, visit suncrestvillage.net/news.
Move-in/out – Elevators and Moving Trucks

If you will be using an elevator during your move-in (and move-out), it is important that you contact our office (at least 48 hours in advance, M-F) for our staff to install protective padding in the elevator and to arrange for the gates to be open for oversized moving trucks. Contact our office or call us for more information and to make arrangements.


To activate new service in your name, contact Mon Power/First Energy at 1-800-686-0022. Currently, the service is either listed under the name of the previous homeowner or resident. Have the electric put in your name on move-in day or at closing (for homeowners). The new service address is: Your name – your unit # Suncrest Village – Morgantown, WV 26505.


To contact the local cable service provider, call Xfinity at 1-800-391-3000 or visit Xfinity. Other service options are available; however, if you are considering satellite service and wish to have a dish installed, you must have written permission from the Suncrest Village HOA in advance.


All condo residents must use the trash compactor which is located at the mail center. No furniture is permitted in the compactor. For additional details and the compactor operating instructions, see suncrestvillage.net/compactor.

Gate Devices

Gate devices have been assigned to each unit at Suncrest Village. Each device is inventoried by a unique control number. In order for devices to be activated and for your name to be added to our entry directory, residents are required to register their vehicles in person at our office.


Packages, shipped via USPS, that are too large for your mail box will be delivered to the main office. To retrieve packages from our office, residents must be registered with our office. Photo ID may be required.

Rules and Regulations

See “Repeated Reminders” on suncrestvillage.net/condos. Other updates and reminders will be sent to homeowners via email and posted at suncrestvillage.net/news.